As the global leader providing HALOX® corrosion inhibitors to the paint and coatings market, ICL Phosphate Specialty is more than a pigment supplier. We are an innovative solution provider for your ever-evolving needs. Our HALOX® product line is formulated to offer safer, more durable and longer-lasting solutions to address a multitude of coatings markets while also aiding formulators in achieving total system compatibility and identifying an optimum inhibitor package that addresses individual cost and performance targets.

Inorganic Corrosion Inhibitors

HALOX® corrosion inhibitive pigments provide a high standard of protection without the use of lead and hexavalent chromium compounds. ICL Phosphate Specialty proudly offers a variety of Inorganic Corrosion Inhibitors based on the proven performance of several metal cations, including many zinc-free options. Our Z-PLEX® products are designed to allow you to choose the right inhibitor for your performance and manufacturing needs.

Organic Corrosion Inhibitors

HALOX® Organic Corrosion Inhibitors are ideally suited for high gloss, thin film, and clear coat applications. They also provide superior synergy when used in combination with inorganic corrosion inhibitors in traditional coatings as they have been shown to improve adhesion properties, mitigate flash rusting in water-based coatings, and bolster corrosion resistance over multi-metal substrates & non-ferrous substrates at very low dosage levels. To achieve desired performance of your resin system, proper selection of HALOX® Inhibitors is essential as they are specific to water-based or solvent-based systems.

Flash Rust Corrosion Inhibitors

Flash Rust Inhibitors are added to water-based coatings in order to stop corrosion formation that occurs during the drying process. Without the use of flash rust inhibitors, water soluble corrosion products migrate to the surface of the coating appearing as rust stains or spots. In addition to the flash rust protection provided by the entire line of HALOX® Organic Corrosion Inhibitors, we are proud to offer FLASH-X® products specifically designed to prevent unsightly staining which can ruin an otherwise perfect finish.

Tannin Stain Inhibitors

The advent of water-based resins for the architectural market have paved the way for new challenges associated with coating wood substrates. Customers applying water-based paints to wood know firsthand that water brings ("bleeds") out the soluble stains to the topcoat and causes the paint to discolor and look unsightly. XTAIN® tannin stain blocking additives were developed to augment resin technology in stopping the migration of these soluble stains to the surface of the paint. Tannin stain inhibitors come as white non-refractive pigments or as liquid additives which are formulated into paint where they are designed to react with soluble tannins to form insoluble complexes which do not migrate into the topcoat and cause discoloration. Tannins can be immobilized in the primer layer of a two-coat system or sealed in the wood substrate itself through technologies developed to provide this chelation mechanism using multi-valent cations.

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