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Bust The Rust With Our Extensive Corrosion Inhibiting Products

As the global leader in providing corrosion inhibitors to the paint and coatings market, ICL\ Advanced Additives offers an extensive line of HALOX® corrosion inhibiting products. ICL\ Advanced Additives is more than just a pigment supplier; we are a solution provider to our customers. This includes delivering timely assistance to coating formulation questions, aiding formulators in achieving total system compatibility and identifying an optimum inhibitor package that addresses individual cost and performance targets.

Our expertise in solving corrosion inhibition problems extends across a full range of paints and coatings formulations including water-based and solvent-based coatings, powder coatings and energy-cure products.

Beyond our traditional role in supplying corrosion inhibitors to the paints and coatings market, ICL\ Advanced Additives is actively involved in solving corrosion problems for a variety of other markets. These include metal pretreatments, metal working fluids, adhesives, inks, and much more.


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