HALOX® Corrosion Inhibitors

For manufacturers who rely on quality coatings with long-term resistance to corrosion or tannin stain, our HALOX® corrosion inhibitors offer proven performance, corrosion and tannin stain protection and acceptability and protection of the world around us.

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Corrosion Inhibitors

HALOX® CW-314 Roof Coating Application

HALOX® CW-314 is used in a direct-to-metal solar reflective roof coating that provides reduced energy costs and superior corrosion resistance in both waterborne and solventborne applications.

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HALOX® CW-314 Roof Coating

LOPON® & POLYRON® Dispersing Agents

VOC-free stabilizers are key to sustaining a long shelf-life for architectural paints and coatings. Our LOPON® and POLYRON® dispersing agents provide long-term stability against sedimentation while improving storage stability and maintaining a high PVC.

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LOPON® & POLYRON® Dispersing Agents

TexFRon® 4002 Flame Retardants for Water-Based Lacquer

TexFRon® 4002 provides protection in construction products while maintaining transparency, abrasion properties, cold solvent stability, and long-term efficiency in the film.

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LOPON® & POLYRON® Dispersing Agents
halox The HALOX® corrosion inhibitor line of products provide the paints and coatings market with safer, more durable and longer-lasting solutions.
lopon Our catalog of LOPON® products offer class-leading dispersing agents, defoamers, and stabilizers used in water-based paints and plasters.
polyron Used as dispersing agents in pigmented water-based systems, our POLYRON® solutions offer polyphosphates with a selected chain-length distribution.

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