Dispersing Agents for Water-Based Paints Case Study

Dispersing Agents for Water-Based Paints Case Study


Application: Paints & Coatings ~ Architectural Paints
Additive: LOPON® & POLYRON® Dispersing Agents
Key benefits:
VOC-free ~ High Sedimentation Stability ~ High Dispersing Ability ~ Improved Storage Stability ~ High PVC ~ Water-based

The Challenge

Prevention of agglomeration and consequently sedimentation is the key to a long shelf-life of architectural paints. Especially as the equal dispersion of colored pigments heavily impacts on the decorative function of architectural paints. Additionally, in architectural paints often high pigment volume concentrations (PVC) of above 60% are used which lead to serious problems in the long-term stability against sedimentation.

Also, in recent years the need for Eco-friendly and sustainable products in the coatings industry has increased. One major concern for indoor paints are volatile organic compounds (VOC) and semi volatile organic compounds (SVOC). Therefore, the challenge is to provide additives which add low or zero VOCs to paint formulations, while keeping the capacity to disperse and stabilize pigments and fillers for the long-term. Other characteristics, such as wet-scrub resistance should not be compromised.

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