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POLYRON® N NEW is a low dust, high capacity powder designed for binding calcium and other metal ions with rapid viscosity reduction during the dispersion process.



POLYRON® N NEW prevents coagulation and darkening of emulsion paints, and deflocculates pigments and fillers in aqueous suspensions.


It is a highly soluble, agglomerated sodium polyphosphate of medium chain length. Due to its dispersing action, optimal particle size is rapidly achieved. It also slows down sedimentation, stabilizes water hardness and offers good binding capacity of calcium and other metal ions.


This product improves the storage stability when applied in combination with polyacrylates like LOPON® 890 during the paint production process. High solids emulsion paints with low viscosity can be achieved.

The typical dosage of POLYRON® N NEW is 0.05 – 0.15% tfw.


Water based paints, emulsion paints, plasters and adhesives.

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