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HALOX® Zinc Phosphate

HALOX® Zinc Phosphate

HALOX® Zinc Phosphate is a universal lead-free and chromium-free inorganic corrosion inhibitor designed for water-based and solvent-based coatings. It exhibits a high degree of versatility because of its narrow particle size distribution: upper particle size limit of 20 microns, mean particle size of 5 microns.

Long-Oil Alkyd Red Iron Oxide Primer
Prohesion  – 1008 hrs.  – CRS  – DFT: 2.0 mils. (50 microns)  – 40% PVC

Low-Cost Long-Oil Alkyd Red Iron Oxide Primer using HALOX® Zinc Phosphate



Type 1 form, i.e. dihydrate crystal based on ASTM D6280. HALOX® Zinc Phosphate can be used in plastic compounding applications as a flame retardant synergist. It contains no fillers.


Precipitation and anodic passivation.

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