HALOX® 550

HALOX® 550 is a liquid organic-inorganic sol-gel corrosion inhibitor designed for corrosion protection in thin film coatings: water and solvent-based finishes, high gloss DTM, conventional primers, acrylic clear coats, fast drying lacquers, wash primers, anti-fingerprint, and conversion coatings.

HALOX® 550: High Gloss Direct-to-Metal Water Based Acrylic

High Gloss Direct-to-Metal Water-Based Acrylic
Salt Spray – 120 hrs. – CRS – 1.0 mil. (25 microns)

2-Pack Water-based Epoxy Primer using HALOX® SZP-391

HALOX® 550: PVB Wash Primer after 72 Hours Salt Spray

PVB Wash Primer Layer Only
Salt Spray – 72 hrs. – CRS – 0.5 mils. (12.5 microns)

Chromate Free 2K Epoxy Phenolic Etch Primer using HALOX® SZP 391 JM & HALOX® 550

Key Features


HALOX® 550 provides excellent corrosion resistance in thin-film applications. It reduces white rust on galvanized steel and black rust on Galvalume‚Ñ¢ substrates. Furthermore, it reduces the oxidation of silver, steel and aluminum alloys.


It does not affect gloss. It is post-addable and environmentally-friendly! It provides synergy with anti-corrosive pigments (HALOX® SZP-391, HALOX® 430, HALOX® Zinc phosphate) to maximize corrosion resistance.


Hydrophobic film formation, adhesion promoter, synergist.


It can be used in water-based and solvent-based paints. It is also recommended as an aqueous rust preventative (RP), which can be top-coated to improve adhesion and corrosion resistance.