HALOX® Celebrates 50th!

HALOX® Celebrates 50th!

As the global leader, specializing in innovative anti-corrosion solutions, HALOX® proudly celebrated its 50th Anniversary aboard the Anita Dee Yacht in Chicago as Team HALOX® was treated to a luncheon cruise through the Chicago waterfront. Phil Brown, Tony Gichuhi, Bryce Tinker, Mike O'Brien, and Ed Wheatley each provided kudos and congrats to the entire HALOX Team. More pictures to follow soon. Congrats HALOX®!

Phil Brown - President, Food and Phosphate Specialties Solutions


Tony Gichuhi - Paints & Coatings R&D Director

Bryce Tinker - Phosphate Specialties U.S. Operations Manager

Mike O'Brien - Global Commercial Lead, Paints & Coatings

Ed Wheatley - HALOX® Plant Manager