LOPON® 827

LOPON® 827 is a highly effective stabilizer for emulsion silicate paints which prevents silicate groups in water glass from building up a polymeric network during storage. The viscosity of the paint levels off quickly and remains stable over a long period of time. LOPON® 827 is particularly low in VOC, which makes it attractive for decorative wall paints for indoor living spaces.

Stabilization of viscosity by using LOPON® 827

Key Features


Stabilization of viscosity in water glass systems
Low VOC-value
EU Ecolabel conform


Emulsion silicate paints and plasters
0.5-1.0% related to formula


Appearance: colourless to yellowish clear liquid
pH-value: 10-12
Density (20 °C): 1010-1025 g/L
Active substance content: ~20%
VOC-value: <0.1%