HALOX® XTAIN® L-47 is an ecolabel compliant zinc-free, ammonia-free, volatile organic compound (VOC)-free liquid stain inhibiting additive designed to prevent tannin bleed in various waterborne coating systems. HALOX® XTAIN® L-47 provides similar efficiency to its proven predecessor HALOX® XTAIN® L-44. Its near-neutral pH helps provide package stability in many coating systems. It is also suitable for polyurethane dispersions (PUDs).

Key Features


HALOX® XTAIN® L-47 locks up soluble tannin molecules in the primer layer of a two-coat system. HALOX® XTAIN® L-47 contains zirconium chemistry and can easily be screened for tannin blocking performance.


HALOX® XTAIN® L-47 is a liquid tannin stain inhibitor.


HALOX® XTAIN® L-47 is VOC-free, EU ecolabel compliant and prevents stains from migrating to the topcoat.