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HALOX® CW-291 is a calcium borosilicate-based corrosion inhibitor designed for long-term corrosion protection where heavy metals are a concern. It meets the standard specifications defined in ASTM D 4288-83.



HALOX® CW-291 has an oil absorption in the mid-30’s range. It is designed to provide early corrosion resistance via anodic passivation and provides synergy with zinc phosphate-based and organic corrosion inhibitors.


Anodic passivation and saponification.

Starting Point Formulations

Medium-Oil Alkyds
  • DURAMAC HS 57-5808
    • USEurope High Solids Medium Oil Alkyd Primer using HALOX® CW-291
  • REZIMAC HS 57-5703
    • USEurope High Solids Phenolic Medium Oil Alkyd Primer using HALOX® CW-291

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