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HALOX® 550 WF is a water-free liquid organic-inorganic sol-gel corrosion inhibitor designed for corrosion protection in thin film coatings: water-based and solvent-based finishes, water reducible alkyds, high gloss DTM, vinylidene chloride rust converters, dip primers, solvent-based polyurethanes, water-based lacquers and galvanized pretreatments using polyurethane dispersions (PUDs).



HALOX® 550 WF is a liquid, can be post-added, maintains high gloss and improves adhesion.


It is synergist to jet-milled products and stand-alone inhibitors.


Hydrophobic film formation, adhesion promoter, synergist.


All metal primers, water-based and solvent-based topcoats, powder coating resins and temporary clear coatings. It is an adhesion promoter for galvanized steel, pretreatment chemistries, acidic systems (pH 3-6) and thin-film coatings (<10 µm).

Starting Point Formulations

Solvent-Based Polyester Melamine
  • POLYMAC HS 5776
    • USEurope High Solids Thermosetting Polyester Melamine Baking Enamel with HALOX® 550 WF
Water-Based Acrylic
  • NEOCRYL 6099
    • US Water-based, High Gloss, Direct-to-Metal Acrylic using HALOX® 550 WF
    • USEurope Clear lacquer based on NeoCryl XK-98 using HALOX® SZP-391 JM & 550 WF
Water-Based PUD
  • Neocryl XK-532
    • US 2K Polyurethane Dispersion Exhibiting Enhanced Adhesion using HALOX® 550 WF
Water-Based PVDC
  • HALOFLEX 202
    • US PVDC Based Dip Primer

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