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Advancing Sustainability Solutions with ICL's Corrosion Inhibitors

The InhibitorAn Interview with The Inhibitor!

HALOX® is a brand of corrosion inhibitors developed by ICL (Israel Chemicals Ltd.), a global specialty minerals and chemicals company. They work by forming a protective barrier on the metal surface which prevents the onset of corrosion and thereby extends the product’s lifespan. They also prevent the deterioration caused by exposure to moisture, chemicals, and UV radiation.

Known for its effectiveness, versatility, and durability, the HALOX® product line finds use in various sectors including automotive, marine, industrial, and construction, where protection against corrosion is crucial for maintaining the integrity and longevity of metal structures. ICL continues to innovate and develop new products aiming to provide solutions to meet the evolving need of customers and industries worldwide.

To gain more insights and guidance on cutting-edge corrosion inhibitors, we had a chance to engage with The Inhibitor. Let's see his expert advice!

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