HALOX® CW-491 is a low-cost, moderate solubility calcium phosphosilicate-based corrosion inhibitor designed to provide mid-level corrosion protection in water and solvent-based coatings. It is zinc-free! It can be used in wash primers, direct-to-metal finishes, 2K solvent-based epoxies, water reducible epoxy esters, polyvinyldichloride resins, and polyesters.

HALOX® CW-491: Water Reducible Epoxy Ester Primer

Water Reducible Epoxy Ester Primer
Salt Spray – 168 hrs. – CRS – 2.0 mils. (50 microns)

Water Reducible Epoxy Ester Primer using HALOX® CW-491

Key Features


HALOX® CW-491 contains no zinc or other heavy metals and therefore has a low specific gravity. It also maintains a neutral pH and can withstand outdoor (real world) corrosion performance. HALOX® CW-491 can replace zinc chromate-based corrosion inhibitors.


Precipitation and cathodic passivation.