HALOX® CW-2230

HALOX® CW-2230 is a calcium borosilicate-based corrosion inhibitor engineered for long-term corrosion protection where the use of heavy metal containing corrosion inhibitors is a problem. It has a low moisture content (0.5%) which makes it highly efficient and viable for systems cross-linked with isocyanates. It can be efficiently formulated into medium and long-oil alkyds, epoxy esters, alkyds, 1K polyurethanes, 2K polyurethanes and moisture cure systems.

HALOX® CW-2230: Solvent-Based Medium Oil Alkyd Primer

Solvent-Based Medium Oil Alkyd Primer
Salt Spray – 240 hrs. – Testing and Crosshatch Adhesion Test
ACT Unpolished HDG – DFT: 2.3 mils. (57.5 microns) 

Solvent-based Medium Oil Alkyd Primer using HALOX® CW-2230 & 550

Key Features


HALOX® CW-2230‚Äôs high solubility allows it to provide early passivation in solvent-based coatings through its borate anodic passivation mechanism.


Anodic passivation and saponification (insoluble salt formation with acid binders).