HALOX® 630

HALOX® 630 is a liquid organic corrosion inhibitor for solvent-based protective coatings on metal surfaces.

HALOX® 630 in Clear Lacquer for Brass

Clear Thermoplastic Acrylic (TPA) Lacquer on Brass
5 Months Exterior Exposure – CRS – 22.5 microns 

HALOX® 630 in a Clear Acrylic Lacquer for Brass

HALOX® 630 in Polyester PUR DTM for Aluminum

Polyester Polyurethane DTM Enamel
Humidity – 48 hrs. – Aluminum (Type A, Q-Lab) – 2.0 mils.

2K Solvent-based Polyester / Urethane DTM Enamel using HALOX® 630

Key Features


HALOX® 630 is a liquid, post-addable corrosion inhibitor designed to promote wet adhesion for solvent based coatings.


This stand-alone inhibitor provides synergy with inorganic anti-corrosive pigments to maximize corrosion resistance. It is designed to replace heavy metal-based corrosion inhibitors in many cases and reduces osmotic blistering caused by water uptake in coatings.


Solvent based epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, polyester, and alkyds: auto refinish, OEM, DTM, industrial and marine coatings.