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HALOX® 520 contains dual functionality as a corrosion inhibitor and an adhesion promoter. It may be used in water-based formulations such as: 2 pack epoxy systems, 1 and 2 pack polyurethanes, acrylics (especially epoxy/amine functionalized), and hybrid systems. HALOX® 520 can also be used as a metal pretreatment additive.

DFT/Cure: Primer: 2.6 mil, 60 min. at 60°C
Topcoat: 2p PUR (SB) 2 mil, 30 min cure at 60°C
Exposure: 240 h salt spray (ASTM B 117) on CRS         
Wet adhesion: Cross hatch with tape test (DIN 53 151)


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Starting Point Formulations

Water Reducible Epoxy
  • Beckopox EH 623
    • Europe Water Reducible 2K Epoxy / Polyamine Primer using HALOX® 520
  • EPI-REZ 6250
    • USEurope High Performance 2K Water Dispersible Epoxy Primer using HALOX® 430 and HALOX® 520

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