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Events & Trade Shows

Western Coatings Symposium

Paris Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - October 25 - 28, 2015

Presenting & Exhibiting

ICL\ Advanced Additives is exhibiting at the 32nd Biennial Western Coatings Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference serves the people, companies, clients and customers of the coatings industry, and addresses issues and concerns through oversight, advocacy, expertise and information sharing. Representatives from ICL\ Advanced Additives, home to HALOX® and XTAIN® products, will be available throughout the show in the main exhibition hall, Tabletop 323, conveniently located next to The Horn Company, our West Coast distribution partner.

At the symposium, Simonida Grubjesic Ph.D. will present her work: "Striving for Optimal Corrosion Resistance in Waterborne Paint Systems."


Over the years, there has been a steady push for low VOC, heavy metal and chromate-free corrosion resistant chemistries in protective paints and coatings. Waterborne technologies are generally preferred over their solvent-based counterparts due to the ease of application, low cost and minimized VOC’s. While today’s waterborne coatings have come a long way in achieving several key requirements that are commonly met by solventborne systems, optimal corrosion resistance can be achieved by carefully selecting corrosion inhibitors and optimizing the formulation. To that effect, corrosion resistance of waterborne systems containing several corrosion inhibitors was evaluated. The role of dispersing agents in achieving optimal corrosion resistance on metal surfaces has been studied.

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