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ICL\ Advanced Additives® News

ICL\ Advanced Additives® News

April 10, 2017

We will be presenting at Advanced Coatings 2017

Nathan Kofira, Market Development Manager, has recieved the opportunity to present at the highly value industry event Advanced Coatings 2017, April 10-11, 2017 in Houston, TX.

"New Trends in Corrosion Inhibitors for Coatings"

Organic, organometallic, and layered double hydroxide corrosion inhibitors are seen as the premier path forward in meeting the challenges resulting from advances in polymer design and increased expectations of coating performance. The mechanisms by which these molecules disrupt the corrosion cycle are quite different from those of tradition inorganic pigments, allowing for an expanded portfolio of customized solutions. It is possible, though challenging to design the structure of these inhibitors be miscible with a variety of coating types, metallic substrates, and exposure conditions. A review of the state of the art of corrosion inhibitors and future directions will be presented.

Advanced Coatings 2017 is open to researchers interested in coatings based on polymer nanocomposites, organic-inorganic hybrid materials, alloys, and 2-D nanomaterials.  To achieve smart coatings that are capable of self-healing, superhydrophobicity, stimuli-responsiveness, sensory functions, and high performance under extreme conditions. 

Don't miss the opportunity to learn about the new trends in corrosion from ICL\ Advanced Additives, and meet with different companies and solution providers in materials, formulations, analytical methods, and project services. For more information, visit the event website: