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ICL\ Advanced Additives® News

ICL\ Advanced Additives® News

October 13, 2011

Tony Gichuhi, Ph.D. participates in this week’s Chemistry Colloquium at The Illinois Institute of Technology

Tony Gichuhi, Ph.D. (HALOX® Technical Director) was invited as this week’s Chemistry colloquium speaker at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) based in Chicago, Illinois. He presented a lecture titled: “Additive Technologies for Coatings:Corrosion Inhibitor Additives used in Paints & Coatings.”

Dr. Gichuhi taught an array of faculty and graduate students about the concepts of corrosion inhibition. He provided them with the fundamental knowledge and common practices used by paint and coating scientists to design coatings and formulate them with corrosion inhibitors. He focused on various corrosion inhibition chemistries while providing examples of how understanding inhibition mechanisms can be used to solve real world corrosion problems. His lecture also highlighted the challenges encountered in developing non-toxic corrosion inhibitors for paint applications, as well as the most recent advances in new corrosion inhibitor additives for water-based and solvent-based coatings.