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Specialty Inhibitors

Specialty Inhibitors

HALOX® showcases its dedication to corrosion protection through our very own selection of specialty products. In the past, HALOX® has focused on corrosion inhibitors for the paint and coatings industry, but other markets also benefit from our technology and chemistry expertise. That’s why we continue to develop specialty products for industries that use corrosion inhibitors for applications other than paint and coatings, such as the concrete, water treatment, inks, heat transfer fluids, and gas and oil industries.

Available Products

HALOX® 550

A liquid organic-inorganic sol-gel corrosion inhibitor designed for corrosion protection in thin film coatings.


A water-free version of our liquid organic-inorganic sol-gel corrosion inhibitor: HALOX® 550, designed for corrosion protection in thin film coatings.


HALOX® RC-980 is a novel organic-based liquid rust converting additive.

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