Our Products

As the global leader in providing corrosion inhibitors to the paint and coatings market, ICL Phosphate Specialty offers an extensive line of HALOX® corrosion inhibiting products. ICL Phosphate Specialty is more than just a pigment supplier; we are a solution provider to our customers. This includes delivering timely assistance to coating formulation questions, aiding formulators in achieving total system compatibility and identifying an optimum inhibitor package that addresses individual cost and performance targets.

Product Types

Metal Protection

With our full line of metal protection products that protect from corrosion and convert rust, you’ll find high-performance, versatile solutions for a wide range of industrial, architectural and commercial applications.

Wood Protection

Protect your wood finishes with our multifunctional products that protect from tannins and staining.

Dispersing, Defoaming, & Stabilizing

Trust our proven lines of dispersing and defoaming agents for all your industrial applications, backed by the highest quality and consistency.