LOPON® 990

LOPON® 990 is a dispersing agent for emulsion paints, plasters, silicate emulsion paints and adhesives.

Key Features


LOPON® 990 is used for nano-hybrid emulsion paint systems preventing surface cracking.


LOPON® 990 is highly compatible with polyphosphates such as POLYRON® N to improve scrub resistance. This product offers very good storage stability especially in applications where the ions, Na+, K+, and NH4+ may lead to stability concerns.


LOPON® 990 is a universal dispersing agent based on lithium polyacrylate. It is very suitable for antiallergenic and environmentally friendly paints. LOPON® DA 403 achieves excellent deflocculation results when used in highly filled systems containing inorganic pigments e.g. titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate and mica. LOPON® 990 has high alkaline stability and is highly compatible with polyphosphates such as POLYRON® N. This combination offers a very good storage stability.


Water based emulsion paints, varnishes, plasters, silicate emulsion paints, and adhesives.
0.2 – 1% related to formula


Appearance: Amber liquid
pH value: 7.5-9.5
solid content: 41.0-43.5%
Density (20 ° C): 1200-1300 g/L
solvent: water