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ICL Phosphate Specialty® News

ICL Phosphate Specialty News

September 7, 2018

A Full Portfolio of Innovative Coatings for Canada

Hammond, IN (Sept. 5, 2018) –Today’s discerning consumers want it all. High performance coatings, low-cost solutions, flexibility for a range of applications. HALOX® delivers on these trends and more. Specializing in innovative anti-corrosion solutions, HALOX® is the global leader in inorganic, organic, flash rust, and tannin stain inhibitors. HALOX® will be combining forces with IMCD Canada Limited to deliver a breadth of coatings options for the Canadian marketplace.

This new partnership is effective November 30, 2018 serving Canada from the East to the West Coast.

Delivering superior solutions and unparalleled service, the extensive portfolio of specialty materials from IMCD Canada Limited perfectly complement the corrosion inhibitors and tannin stain blockers from HALOX®. The result is a full portfolio of innovative coatings solutions backed by an experienced and innovative technical sales and marketing team. 

“The combination of knowledge and experience between IMCD Canada Limited and HALOX® is the definition of collaboration. Partners like IMCD Canada Limited help us deliver the competitive advantage customers are looking for and that industry professionals expect,” said Deborah Faber Weiland, Sales Manager – Americas.

Let our application experts help innovate your next project success.

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