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ICL Phosphate Specialty® News

ICL Phosphate Specialty News

April 1, 2020

ICL Phosphate Specialty - HALOX® will present at the technical Conference of the 2020 American Coatings Conference

ICL- Halox® is proud to announce the following event at the 2020 American Coatings Conference, a technical conference that coincides with American Coatings SHOW.

 “Anti-Scratch Additive for Water-Based Wood Coatings”

Presented by Michelle Bauer
Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

Session 7
11:00 – 11:30 AM

Demand for high performing water-based coatings continues to be the trend throughout the many coatings market segments.  Wood flooring, cabinetry, and furniture coatings segments are a major component of this movement. To support this need, development of innovative solutions is required to provide improved coatings performance.  End-users are seeking increased durability partnered with the lower environmental impact that comes with water-based technology.   Enhanced scratch resistance will improve the long-lasting aesthetics and protection that wood coatings provide.  A novel, easy to use approach to improve scratch resistance in water-based wood coatings has been demonstrated in multiple resin technologies.  Performance testing of improved scratch resistance while maintaining good film properties will be presented in a water-based UV curable system which exceeds performance of current market offerings.

Michelle Bauer, Senior Project Chemist at ICL Phosphate Specialty has 19 years of coatings industry experience.  Before starting her career, Michelle earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Augustana College.  She then held a variety of positions in quality management and product development for Ace Hardware Paint Division and Valspar.  Michelle has been with ICL for nearly 4 years where her responsibilities include new product development and technical service customer support for the HALOX® product line.

After this informative presentation, international representation from ICL will be available to discuss your coatings additive needs. Find us at BOOTH #2749.

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