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ICL\ Advanced Additives® News

ICL\ Advanced Additives® News

June 2, 2015

ICL\ Advanced Additives exhibits and delivers an abstract at the Eastern Coatings Show in Atlantic City

June 1-4, 2015 – ICL\ Advanced Additives attended and exhibited at the Eastern Coatings Show in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The biennial show was established in 2013, and ICL\ Advanced Additives supported the Philadelphia Society for Coatings Technology, the New England Society for Coatings Technology and the Metropolitan New York Coatings Association in their symposium and exhibit for the second time. The show offers educational and technical presentations to create profound insight of the theory, the science, the manufacturing and the marketing of coatings to highlight the improvement of coatings performance and functionality beyond traditional expectations.


At this year’s event, Anthony Toussaint Ph.D., ICL\ Advanced Additives Manager, R&D and Technical Services presented a technical abstract:  “Use of Organic and Inorganic Corrosion Inhibitors in High Performance Coatings.”


Abstract Overview:


It is well documented that the corrosion resistance of a coating is significantly impacted by adhesion.   Additives found to be effective in promoting adhesion are typically based on silanes, titanates, zirconates and organics acids.  This paper shows how organic corrosion inhibitors can significantly enhance the corrosion resistance of high performance water based and solvent borne coatings when used in combination with an inorganic inhibitor. The use of EIS in characterizing this performance is discussed.






Presentation: Use of Organic and Inorganic Corrosion Inhibitors in High Performance Coatings