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ICL Phosphate Specialty® News

ICL Phosphate Specialty News

January 19, 2022

ICL Acquires Invotec MA LLC

ICL Acquires Invotec MA LLC

Company continues to build on its corrosion technologies expertise

Tel Aviv, Israel; January 19, 2022 - ICL (NYSE: ICL) (TASE: ICL), a leading global specialty minerals company, today announced it has acquired Invotec MA LLC, a provider of specialty corrosion solutions for the paints and coatings industry and a business unit of Metal and Additives LLC based in Indianapolis.  The acquisition brings seven new products to ICL, which complement the company’s existing HALOX family of products, and also helps expand ICL’s product reach into other applications.

“We’re pleased to bring Invotec’s environmentally friendly corrosion solutions to ICL’s portfolio, as these products align with our continued efforts to create more ecological and sustainable solutions for our customers,” said Michael O’Brien, global commercial lead for ICL’s paints and coatings business.  “These products will also help us in our efforts to meet the unique end-market demands of our global customers and as we look to reach new markets.”

ICL’s paints and coatings business is strategically focused on delivering technologies, which enhance the durability, stability and adhesion characteristics of a coating.  ICL offers highly recognized brands, such as HALOX corrosion inhibitors, LOPON and POLYRON defoamers and dispersants, and XTAIN stain blockers.  These specialty technologies are designed with both an emphasis on environmental compliance and sustainability and in order to meet customers’ defined specifications for protective and architectural coatings.


About ICL

ICL Group is a leading global specialty minerals company, which also benefits from commodity upside.  The company creates impactful solutions for humanity's sustainability challenges in global food, agriculture, and industrial markets.  ICL leverages its unique bromine, potash and phosphate resources, its passionate team of talented employees, and its strong focus on R&D and technological innovation to drive growth across its end markets.  ICL shares are dually listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (NYSE and TASE: ICL).  The company employs more than 12,000 people worldwide, and its 2020 revenues totaled approximately $5.0 billion.


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Press Release - ICL Acquires Invotec MA LLC

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