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Starting Point Formulations

Hybrid Formulations

Water-Based Hybrid
  • DURAMAC WR 7495 / AQUAMAC 715
    • US Water Reducible Alkyd Modified Acrylic with HALOX® SW-111 and NACORR® 1151 Synergy
  • EPOTUFESTER M550 BG 70 / AROLON 845-W45
    • USEurope 2K Water-based Polyurethane using HALOX® SZP-391 and HEUCOPHOS® ZPA Synergy
  • MAINCOTE AE-58 / EPI-REZ 3510-W60
    • USEurope 2K Water-based Acrylic/Epoxy using HALOX® SW-111
    • USEurope High Performance 2K Water-based Acrylic/Epoxy using HALOX® CW-491 and SHIELDEX® AC5 Synergy
  • NEOCRYL A 6109
    • US Water-based Acrylic/Epoxy Hybrid Primer using HALOX® SZP-391 and HALOX® FLASH-X 150 Synergy
    • USEurope One Coat Water-based Acrylic Modified with Epoxy Ester using HALOX® SZP-391
  • PRIMAL PR-29 / DURAMAC 301-4080
    • US Joinery Low Zinc Acrylic Alkyd Primer based on HALOX® XTAIN L-44

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