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ICL\ Advanced Additives® News

ICL\ Advanced Additives® News

April 8, 2013

HALOX® presents at the 2013 Windy City Coatings Course

During the 2013 Windy City Coatings Course, HALOX®'s Project Chemist, David Tarjan presented: Accelerated Testing: The Right Choice For The Right Results. The 2-day coatings course took place April 16-17, at DePaul University's O’Hare Campus located in Chicago, Illinois.

Over the years many accelerated test methods have been developed to gauge the performance of anticorrosive coatings and coatings in general. Many of the initial test methods were developed for solvent-based systems, whose cure mechanisms were well understood. With the advent of newer resin technologies and also more recently – tighter restrictions on VOC (Volatile Organic Content), many of these older test methods fall short of truly gauging how these systems will perform in an exterior real world environment. An instrumental part in accurately assessing the real world performance of your coating is choosing a method which closely mimics the end-use environment of your coating, properly conducting the test, and knowing how to interpret the results. Understanding these test methods is the first step towards successfully optimizing your coatings for the real world. To understand these test methods more in-depth, read David Tarjan's course material!



Accelerated Testing: The Right Choice For The Right Results