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ICL\ Advanced Additives® News

ICL\ Advanced Additives® News

October 16, 2012

HALOX® educates paint, ink and adhesive industry leaders about HALOX at REPORT 2012

SATER (The Argentine Society of Coatings Technology) hosted the sixth edition of REPORT, the exhibition and Congress organized by the entity since 2001.

The event took place at Centro Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires, Argentina, from August 28th to 30th 2012.

Each day, over 20 well known local and international professionals of the coatings industry presented conferences with information about products (raw materials, additives, resins, pigments), equipment and services to industry.

HALOX®’s own Jessica Olmos, Project Chemist, gave a presentation on Non-Toxic Alternatives to Lead and Chrome. This talk featured the benefits of using organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitors in place of old standbys like zinc chromate. Jessica is fluent in Spanish and was able to deliver the talk in Argentina’s native language which helped bolster the understanding of HALOX® products and their uses.

More than 30 companies including HALOX® and our Argentinean Distributor, Spec Chem, were present in the exhibition hall and offered business meetings and discussions. REPORT was an excellent opportunity to meet and network, not only during the Congress and Exhibition but also at the social events such as the dinner and the play organized by industry members.



Inhibidores de Corrosión (in Spanish)