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Events & Trade Shows

Product Spotlight Presentation

American Coatings Show 2016 - April 12, 2016

Don’t Miss the following Product Spotlight Presentation at this year's American Coatings Show:

"LOPON®  E 13 & E 81 – Our Sustainable Defoamers made with Bio-Renewable Raw Materials."

Presented by Dr. Lucas Zimmermann, Product Manager, Paint and Coatings, Wednesday, April 13, 11:20-11:35 AM.

This brief presentation will discuss bio-based defoamers designed for water-based paints. In particular, LOPON® E 13 and LOPON® E 81, which are both highly efficient alternatives to mineral oil-based defoamers. The high efficiency of LOPON® E 13, and especially LOPON® E 81 achieve a reduction in required dosage of up to one third that of classical oil-based defoamers.

After this informative presentation, international representation from ICL\ Advanced Additives will be available for discussion at BOOTH #2742.